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Tasty Tuesday Recycled Rice Risotto So, how many of you agree that recycled …

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Recycled Rice Risotto

So, how many of you agree that recycled food tastes better than the original dish! Well the same thing happened when I tried making Risotto with the left over steamed rice! After all, Mothers are the most “jugaadu” (resourceful) people on planet Earth!

* 2 cups of Left over steamed rice.
* 1 tsp all purpose flour.
* 1/2 cup boiled milk at room temperature.
* 2 grated cheese cubes.
* Yellow, red, green bell peppers (1 each) – Chopped medium size.
* Broccoli cut into medium size florets.
* Basil leaves.
* Zucchini chopped into thin round pieces.
* 5-6 cloves crushed garlic.
* Red pepper according to taste.
* Salt according to taste.
* Schezwan chutney.
* Fresh cream (optional).

* Steam the chopped bell peppers, zucchini, basil leaves for 5-7 minutes.
* In another pan mix milk, all purpose flour and grated cheese and blend with hand blender.
* Keep the blended mixture on low flame with constant stirring till the mixture becomes thick. The white sauce is ready!
* Add 1/2 tsp of Schezwan chutney and white sauce to the steam rice.
* In a small pan add 1/2 tsp of cooking oil and sauté the garlic!
* Add the garlic and steamed veggies to the rice mixed with white sauce.
* Mix properly and add red chilli flakes according to taste.
* Add a spoon of fresh cream( optional)
* Serve it hot!
* Your recycled rice risotto is ready!!!

TIP – add few basil leaves while making white sauce! It adds a great flavour to the sauce!

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