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Fantastic Friday We all have those moments when we want some fast forward recip…

❤️Fantastic Friday❤️

We all have those moments when we want some fast forward recipes for the delicious desserts to satisfy our sugar craving without going through the elaborate preparations!

Chocolate Mousse is one such amazing dish and I found just the perfect fast forward recipe for the delicious mousse!

* Ready Chocolate Mousse powder (store bought).
* 200 ml of cold milk.
* Chocolate shavings and coffee powder for garnishing.

* Pour the entire packet of chocolate mousse powder in 200 ml of cold milk and keep it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
* Then with help of a hand mixer, mix the milk and chocolate mousse powder till it becomes thick with creamy consistency.
* Put it in serving cups and refrigerate it for 20 minutes more.
* Garnish it with chocolate shavings and sprinkle coffee powder before serving!

Tip – If you love coffee flavour, then instead of plain milk you can use cold coffee to make the chocolate mousse!

Now no worries about the last minute guests / friends, you are now chocolate mousse ready!

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